Saturday, July 25, 2015

New 2015 ELA Standards for South Carolina!

For my South Carolina followers, HERE is a link to the new 2015 ELA standards!
The addition of inquiry standards has really changed the environment of the classroom! I am so excited about these inquiry additions! 
Do you need help teaching inquiry? The revised edition of Harvey and Daniel's Comprehension and Collaboration has everything you need to get started with inquiry lessons in your classroom!

I Wonder boards are great for finding out what kids are interested in learning! 
You can also use I Wonder as a Four Square process. Download it HERE!
Students observe, listen or read and record their thoughts. I really like this approach in the early grades. 

Another great option for wondering is the RAN chart.  You can download the E-Book here
Students are able to see what they know, what they wonder, and how they can learn and grow through the process. Students in grades 2 and up do really well with the RAN chart. It is also great for professional learning with adults.

You can create posters for I Wonder and/or the RAN chart and have students use sticky notes.


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