Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Reflection 2016

Hi, all you lovely but weary educators! The race for this school year is almost over. You are heading to the finish line!
Now is the time to reflect on the previous year with all of its victories and struggles. Ask yourself some questions and jot down your thoughts.
What did you learn about this year that changed your teaching?
What worked?  Why?
What didn’t work? Why?
How can I use this experience to grow myself as a teacher or grow my students next year?
Knowing what I know now, what would I do differently next time?
What do I need to do to prepare myself to start next school year strong?
Find another educator to do this reflection with you. There is something powerful when you share your best and worst moments! I will meet with my small group next week to reflect and plan. I am stronger with others to surround me on the journey.
Have a restful summer surrounded by friends and family! Try something new and refresh your spirit! I am so thankful for all you do for children and for those who serve them!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Online Safety

Our students love to surf the internet at school and at home. We need to teach our students how to collaborate with others and remain safe online. I just finished an online safety course where I learned about Common Sense Media. This is such a great resource for educators and parents. I wanted to share a few of the excellent lessons for elementary students offered on the website. 

Going Places Safely (K-2)
This lesson teaches students to be safe by following rules when online. 
Students will be able to ...

  • discover that the Internet can be used to visit far-away places and learn new things.
  • compare how staying safe online is similar to staying safe in the real world.
  • explain rules for traveling safely on the Internet.

This lesson teaches students how to search for pictures online using the alphabet.
Students will be able to...
  • learn how to search online by using the alphabet.
  • understand how to search for a specified letter of the alphabet on a children’s directory site.
  • apply the results of their alphabet search to create a picture dictionary.

Keep It Private (K-2)
This lesson helps students to decide what information is private and what can be shared online.
Students will be able to ...

  • recognize the kind of information that is private.
  • understand that they should never give out private information on the Internet.
  • learn to create effective usernames that protect their private information.

One of my favorite parts of each lesson is that you can download a fact sheet to send home to parents. They are available in English and Spanish.