Monday, June 25, 2012

Common Core Kid Friendly K5 ELA Standards Freebie

I am thrilled to have reached over 200 followers!  To celebrate this occasion and my new blog design, I am posting my compilation of  Teacher/Parent/Kid-Friendly ELA Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten.    These are designed to be used in a pocket chart.  I hope you can use them!
I am also participating in Manic Monday, which is always great!

Download the ELA CCSS for K5 here!
If you downloaded before today, 6/28/12, please do so again.  There was a mistake.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Honey Bunch Blog Design

What a wonderful experience it has been to work with Misty and Erika of The Honey Bunch blog design team. I am so excited to unveil my new design.  
I am also excited that Nikki of Melonheadz fame has created something special for me too!  
This has been such a great experience!  I am so glad that I chose them to make my design ideas a reality!  
I love my new look!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Daily 5 Wiki

Today is the last day of my course!  My vacation officially begins today!
I want to share this wonderful Wiki for finding Daily 5 resources!

KinderTastic has great ideas for Daily 5!  Check out the cute task cards for Daily 5!

This blog by Mrs. Maiolo has a great collection of activities for Daily 5!

This webpage from Sanjuan USD has a great collection of Word Work activities and much more!  I use their resources all the time!

There is so much to find that your best bet is to visit Pinterest and search for Daily 5!

Use that oil drip pan for Word Work:

Word wall center children read the word to a partner, then build the word with the magnet letters.  This is made with a large oil drip pan from an auto parts store:)


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fountas Pinnell Correlation to AR books

I am teaching a course on balanced literacy this week!  I want to share a Fountas and Pinnell Correlation Chart for AR books:
You can find it HERE!

Need ideas for books?

Check out this great resource- Harper Collins Printables!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Guided Math Study

Don't miss this great Professional Learning opportunity!  It is not too late to join!  Find Day 1 at Primary Inspired and begin your journey!

What an awesome book study!

Friday, June 15, 2012

K-5 Literacy Connections

K-5 Literacy Connections is a great website for Daily 5 information and videos.  Other pages include F&P Benchmark assessment, Journeys, sight words, and literature circles.  If you are interested in any of these, you will love this website!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lucy Calkins Resources and More!

NYC Department of Education

Here is a great resource for Units of Study K-12!  I love that it is all in one place.  
But, don't stop there!  Check out the other literacy resources! 

Word Journeys word sorts
Do you need help with Word Study?  Check out these Word Study Resources!

If you are using Journey's, the HMH reading series, here is a resource that might help!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Consider the Walls!

As you pack up your classroom, take time to consider your walls.  

For your struggling learners, these walls can be priceless when it comes to remembering what's important.  Students will look at classroom walls every day.  Why not rethink what you will use them for next year! 
There is research to show that students perform better on tests when given in their own classroom as opposed to being pulled into another space.  Why? Because they can remember the learning that took place there.
How valuable these walls can be! 
Here are a few thoughts and ideas to consider:

Divide your walls into areas of learning.  For example, the walls in the writing workshop area should reflect current learning.  Save ideas on anchor charts that can be revisited later for review.  Students should know where anchor charts are kept, so that they can have access to previous learning.  

A timeline would be great for Social Studies!  Why not use one area as a timeline and add to it all year long.  What a great visual reminder of all that they have learned!  
I love, love this timeline using clothespins.  Just put it on the wall and add the children's work with the pins.  

Introduce a new Read Aloud each week and spotlight it for emphasis.  Use rolled paper to record the name of each book and the author.  Have students review the books and post their reviews on the wall.

What about a math wall?
Here is a great post about math walls.

Of course, we can't forget the WORD WALL.  This needs some special consideration.  I see word walls way up high near the ceiling.  I guess it's because teachers think they need lots of room for the words.  But all the kids can do is look at them.  I prefer another approach:

Magnets are glued to each word!  Students can remove the word and take it to their desk if they need to write it.  Teachers can remove the words and show students how it is used in authentic literature.  This may be my favorite use of a white board!

Final thoughts!
It is way cheaper to start off with blank walls and add as you go.  Don't waste your money on store-bought items that are only fluff.  Take a picture of your blank walls at the beginning of school and periodically through out the year.  You will have evidence of learning to show parents and administration.

Use the area outside your door to display student work.  Save the area inside for learning.

Don't overdo.  Less is better.  Walk in your room or better yet, take a picture and see if you can tell what your students are learning.  You may see your room in a different light!

Check out inquiry-based learning ideas.  Here is a great website that will explain aspects of the theory.  They use the walls to show student learning and inquiry.

Take time to reflect on how you will use your walls next year. You won't be sorry!

Thanks for stopping by!