Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Deep Comprehension and Freebie

Teaching For Deep Comprehension, by Linda Dorn and Carla Soffos would be a great addition to your professional library. 
Linda Dorn and Carla Soffos describe the process of comprehension as a reflection of the mind—a window into the reader's thoughts. In Teaching for Deep Comprehension, they discuss comprehension from a socio-cognitive perspective — specifically, how teachers can use the social context of reading workshop to promote deep comprehension. The book is framed around three guiding questions:
  • Can comprehension be taught?
  • How does a model become a barrier to comprehension?
  • When does a tool become the reason for reading?
Linda and Carla mesh complex theories of comprehension with everyday practical examples in such a way as to help teachers develop a better understanding of what it means to comprehend while reading.

Using the ideas in the book, I created 7 Comprehension Task Cards to use in reading workshop.  These activites help students to use deeper comprehension skills.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Freebie

I appreciate teachers and want to show it this week by offering my Simile Fun Unit as a freebie.  You can see more great  items to use with this unit on my Presentations Page.  The unit should work well for grades 2-5.  It is very adaptable. 
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