April 2013
Using Read Alouds to Support Writing Instruction
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Great Video!  Interactive Read Aloud and Close Reading

Professional Development Resources:
Lester Laminack's Website- Unwrapping the Read Aloud- Lester moves me with his passion for reading!
Linda Hoyt's Interactive Read Alouds- Teachers absolutely love these books.  I have to pull them from their hands!!

Poetry Connection:
Please do try these 2 voice poems!!!  Two voice poems are great cooperative learning activities.  Have students make their own!
Wonderful two voice poem by Paul Fleischman, Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices, Harper & Row, 1988.  About fireflies!

Making the Most of Classroom Read Alouds- Great article that covers Fiction and Nonfiction differences, comprehension, vocabulary and provides current research.

Want more books for teaching standards and comprehension strategies? You will love this list!! (Download)

Sample openings for Books to Read Aloud by Fountas and Pinnell

Living the Writer's Life by Denver Public Schools has wonderful resources for Writer's Workshop

Read Write Think Lesson Plan for K-12Teacher Read-Aloud That Models Reading for Deep Understanding


Jar for writing similes!-Based on the book Fireflies by Julie Brinckloe
My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks- Listen and watch the story!

Great Anchor Chart

Nonfiction Connection:    
Awesome website for learning about fireflies!  This site is a educational resource on fireflies, also known as lightning bugs. We've got information on why fireflies are disappearing and what you can do to help. We've also got answers to frequently asked questions about fireflies, from why they glow to what they eat.
National Geographic- Facts about Fireflys

Simile Songs

May 2013
Fluency Focus for Grades 3-5

Article on Fluency by Tim Rasinski: Speed Does Matter in Reading

Download Poem by Shel Siverstein

YouTube Video of Shel Silverstein reading his poem:

Art/Science Connection
Incredible Art Connection:  Collage using the trash can printable and adding pictures of garbage.  
The Science Connection:
Solid Waste             Recycle
Reading and Writing Connection

Reader's Theater

Book Connections

June 2013
Just Right Books:

Guided Reading:
Planning for Word Work-A-N
Jan Richardson
Guided Reading Pack
Guided Reading Ideas
Discussion Prompts for Guided Reading
Tour of a Classroom Library
Scholastic Booktalks
Alphabetical Listing of books, summaries, and activities-Wonderful resource!
Integrating Content-Not Just a Refugee
Not Just a Refugee Handout Poem and Picture
CAFE-Pensive Description

Literature Circles/Response
Response Sheets 3-5
Teaching Oasis- Great one to use first!
Sandi’s Literature Circle Roles

Strategies to Download-Teacher Tools

Great Resources!
Lexington 1 Wiki-CAFE and many other resources


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