Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Our Craft and Netflix

I have been watching Chef's Table on Netflix. It is about culinary stars that are redefining food. Some of the most renowned chefs in the world share their deeply personal stories and unique styles. They are all extremely passionate about their craft. It is exciting to watch as they work with their team and create wonderful dishes.
I have compared their passion to my own. I am passionate about literacy and want my teachers and coaches to create wonderful learning experiences for children. Here are a few reflections that have been simmering as I watch this series.
These chefs have developed a belief system about food and how it should be prepared. They are passionate about their beliefs. It has become a way of life. They continue to grow and may make changes but they do not go with every new trend or whim. This belief system gives them confidence and they excel in their craft.
They surround themselves with excellent staff. They work together in an open environment where ideas can be shared and nurtured. Nothing is hidden in the kitchen. They work together to create something special. In the end, they are all responsible for the evening's outcome.
They train inexperienced chefs. Newbies have to start somewhere! One chef only works with newbies and as soon as they are experienced, he sends them off into the world. He likes the energy of working with young people who do not have as many restraints. They are eager and open to learning.
The world respects and admires them. They have been elevated within their craft and rewarded for their hard work. People come from all over the world to see them and experience their talent. Some allow you to sit in the kitchen and watch the process of preparing the meals. These are coveted spots!
They want to leave a mark. It may be sustainable farming or authentic cultural experiences but whatever the passion, they want to share their best work. They are world changers.
Take some time to think about these ideas and compare them to your own experience. What do you believe? Do you work openly with others who are as passionate as you? Do you share your talents with others? Do you help new teachers grow? Are you adventurous and willing to learn? Are you leaving a mark? Are you proud of your craft and promote it?
Food for thought!!