Friday, June 6, 2014

Beginning Inquiry

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with several second-grade teachers to develop an integrated unit of study.  Science and ELA standards were used to create a mini-inquiry.  Students researched the Life Cycle of butterflies and frogs.  Students could choose from many leveled texts available for the inquiry. It is so important to have text sets ready for students! You need material for all of your readers. It takes planning to make this happen. We had to order books for the study. 

Here is a copy of the form used to help the students begin the inquiry.  The teacher put a picture on the SmartBoard and the students helped her fill it in. This chart can be made into a poster and laminated. Students can use it later in a station. 
Be sure to model the chart for students!  We started with an exciting picture that made them curious and engaged. Teachers used a photograph similar to the one below: