Saturday, July 20, 2013


Perseverance is not giving up.  It is the effort required to keep doing something in spite of the fact that it is difficult. It is grit, tenacity and resilience.  It is sticktoitiveness!  
While studying the Common Core State
Standards this week, I realized how students will need to develop perseverance.  What can we do as educators to help students persevere?  Peter Johnston in his book, Opening Minds, talks about dynamic-learning frames and fixed-performance frames.  The dynamic learner sees a challenge as an opportunity.  Challenges are interesting and nonthreatening.  When the fixed-performance learner encounters a difficult challenge, many times they will not even try to complete it.  They are anxious and unsure of themselves.  They would rather not try than fail.  Johnston shares in his book how our words can shape students and help them develop a more dynamic-learning frame.
Both of his books are worth a read!

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  1. I love that word ... sticktoittiveness ... my Aunt Norma used to use that word! Thanks for the lead on these must-reads.


  2. I've read his first book but not his second. It's on my list though. What a gift to students our words can be, especially if we can change the way they'll look at challenges for the rest of their lives. Wow.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. I just started his second book and it is very thoughtful. Funny how just one positive word can change how we view ourselves!