Saturday, March 16, 2013

How Reading and Writing are Alike

Reading and writing intersect in natural ways every day in the classroom.  This Fountas and Pinnell list of the ways reading and writing are alike is a great tool for educators and students to discuss. 
Research suggests that teaching reading and writing together promotes higher-level thinking skills as opposed to teaching them separately (Tierney et al., 1989, p. 134). 
It is all about creating meaning.  When we combine reading and writing instruction, students gain so much more meaning. 
If you teach grades 3-5, adding Guiding Readers and Writers by Fountas and Pinnell to your professional library is a great idea!


  1. Well said. They are definitely two processed that feed off each other and go hand in hand.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I always love to hear what you have to say!

  3. You are so right, reading and writing go together and are reciprocal processes. Thanks for the chart!
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