Sunday, July 29, 2012


Meet Jan Burkins!  She is the creator of Literacyhead. 
 Literacyhead is a website that creates lessons to teach reading and writing through the use of visual art.  
I am a great fan of this wonderful resource.  I enjoy receiving their newsletter with several free resources included each time.  (The subscription is $99 per year.)
I believe that visual literacy and incorporating art into our literacy lessons is a must!
What is visual literacy?
It is the ability to see, think, and read images.  

Check out their video on Youtube! 

The current Literacyhead newsletter has ideas for the beginning of school!  Don't miss this one!
I think that Literacyhead would be an especially great resource for upper elementary and middle school teachers and students.  Students in this age-range need an extra boost of energy to keep their writing juices flowing!
Jan has also written a great article for Choice Literacy, another great website that sends out a great newsletter.  Her article mentions overlooked books that are great for using at the beginning of school.

 Let me know what you think about visual literacy!

For more information and lesson plans using visual literacy, check out this page from Learn NC.  
Check out the WebMuseum for interesting information about famous artists, the Smithsonian for educators, or the National Gallery of Art for educators!


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