Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welcome The Go To Teacher! Guest Blogger!

Today is my birthday and I thought it would be nice to have a friend over!  So, welcome Jen, The Go To Teacher!  She is my first blogger buddy to come for a visit, so welcome her with lots of comments and bloggy love!  

Hello Literacy Minute followers!

My name is Jennifer Willis from The Go to Teacher blog.  I was so excited when Sandi emailed me to guest blog.  It is my first time doing so and I think it is her first guest blogger!  An added bonus is that I love this blog!

I knew immediately what I wanted to blog about because it has been on my mind way too often these past couple weeks…the end of the school year!  I always get panicked when I think of only weeks left.  There is always something more to teach!  This year I have decided to take a different approach, it’s called confidently believing in my students {genius, huh?}!

 We have gathered as a class on the carpet close to 140 days to discuss favorite books, learn new ways to think, giggle at the funny things characters do, share our schema on a topic,   make connections, listen to our friends’ thoughts and so much more.  I want to give the opportunity to each student to show what they learned and take pride in the fact that it is SO MUCH! I created the freebie below in the hopes that their knowledge of reading will impress them as much as it has me. 

There are 30 reading questions for the last 30 days of school.  Just print them out and stick them in a dog bowl.  There are journal pages as well. 

My hope is that your students will impress you but even more that they will impress themselves! 


  1. Hot Dog that's adorable, Jen! YAY . . . thanks for the fun freebie. I'm going to put you in my blog roll at the Corner on Character.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday, Sandra!