Monday, October 18, 2010


I found out about Glogs today!  They are online posters that can be used by students to create reports or do assignments.  I found a teacher that is using them with her students in fifth grade.  Here is a link to her Glog!  I love the avatars that each student must create.  The New York Zoo and Aquarium allows you to "Build Your Wild Self".  There is no need to use actual pictures of students, when his/her identity can become animated to maintain privacy.
Managing this technology in public education via the Internet is a great challenge for districts.  I hope that we can figure out how to promote these new and exciting ideas, while protecting students.  Blogs and Glogs, etc., need to be adapted to meet the security needs of school districts.  Classrooms need to change to meet the demands of technology, and students need the opportunity to express themselves in this way.


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