Sunday, June 9, 2013

C.A.F.E. and The Sisters

Charlotte, N.C. 2013

Here I am cheesing with Gail and Joan!  The Sisters of Daily Five and C.A.F.E. fame!  This conference was without a doubt, one of the best that I have ever attended.  There were educators from Nova Scotia to Texas!  It always amazes me how far we will travel to learn and grow.  Teachers are the BEST!
I loved everything about C.A.F.E.  Just like Daily Five organizes classroom managment in a balanced literacy classroom, C.A.F.E. organizes reading strategies.  You can really "get you head around" how to form instruction using assessment.  The Big Idea of C.A.F.E. is instruction!  Teachers guiding readers!
If you like C.A.F.E., you should consider the Online Pensive.  It is a reasonably priced tool that will make your life easier.
You can trust these ladies to guide you using research-based strategies that will help our kids become great readers!