Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Prompts to Support Meaning/Comprehension

I am in charge of RTI for my district, as well as coaching literacy and working with special education!  Thank goodness we only have 4 schools!  It is still an undertaking each and every day.  Small group instruction is vital to RTI.  I am working on interventions and will have lots of things to share in the near future.  Today, I thought about teacher-language in small groups.  We often tell students to "sound it out" but that isn't enough to promote meaning. Students who struggle with decoding are often robbed of meaning.  As their decoding improves, we need to prompt using the "right" prompts.  This appears simple, but when I am in a small group, I revert back to old habits!  So, I copied the prompts in Teaching for Comprehension in Reading, Grades K-2 by Pinnell and Scharer. 
You can print and have them ready for when you need to prompt for meaning in small group.  Click here!

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