Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fly Swatter Ideas for Math and Vocabulary

Little Miss Kindergarten mentioned the hand shaped fly swatters from Dollar General, so I had to run out and buy some!  Here are some ideas for using them:

Vocabulary Cloud
Wordle: AntonymsMake a word cloud of important vocabulary. Students are divided into groups.  Each team has a fly swatter. Call out the definition and the first team member to swat the word wins.   I made my cloud at

Fly Swatter Math Game
Draw nine large squares on the chalk board or whiteboard and write a number in the middle of each. Divide the students into two teams and give each team a fly swatter. To begin the game, have one student from each team take their fly swatter and stand at the front of the class with their backs turned to the chalk board. As soon as you call out a math problem, the two students must turn around and touch the box containing the correct answer with the fly swatter. The student to hit the correct box first wins. To avoid confusion, make sure you are standing close enough so you can see who hit it first. Then erase the numbers in the boxes, write new numbers and have another student from each team take a turn. The team who answers the most problems correctly by the end of the game wins. 


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