Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What We Think, Say, and Do

Eight Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, and Do

by Larry Ferlazzo
This is a great article to read before school starts.  You can find it at ASCD/ Educational Leadership!
Another great ASCD article, Guiding the Budding Writer, by Peter Johnston.  He is the author of Opening Minds, one of my favorite reads!
I think both of the articles are insightful!  They encouraged me to think about teacher and student talk in the classroom.  Students need our feedback to strengthen skills and to see themselves as accomplished learners.  Our words are powerful!

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Perseverance is not giving up.  It is the effort required to keep doing something in spite of the fact that it is difficult. It is grit, tenacity and resilience.  It is sticktoitiveness!  
While studying the Common Core State
Standards this week, I realized how students will need to develop perseverance.  What can we do as educators to help students persevere?  Peter Johnston in his book, Opening Minds, talks about dynamic-learning frames and fixed-performance frames.  The dynamic learner sees a challenge as an opportunity.  Challenges are interesting and nonthreatening.  When the fixed-performance learner encounters a difficult challenge, many times they will not even try to complete it.  They are anxious and unsure of themselves.  They would rather not try than fail.  Johnston shares in his book how our words can shape students and help them develop a more dynamic-learning frame.
Both of his books are worth a read!

Also. visit Jackie Gerstein's blog post on The Other21st Century Skills!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Engaging Kids with Technology


Here's an inspiring portrait from Edutopia, showing how a fifth grade teacher guides students to publish their work.  Nicole Delasio has quite a few video tutorials on Vimeo too!
Here is her list of different resources to spark creativity!  What a great resource!

The CCSS require us to publish digitally and in a variety of ways, even in kindergarten.  Summer is a great time to investigate technology resources and find ideas.  

Little Birds Tales 
Students can upload illustrations and create stories using their own voice.  Each recording is saved as a video and can be accessed by others!  With a little help, even young children can enjoy this!

littlebirdtales.com cover image
littlebirdtales.com logo
      Click to view a tale.

Check out these PBS Teacher Innovators!  They were awarded this honor for utilizing technology in the classroom.  They are from South Carolina!  Way to go!