Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Spy

Just wanted to share some neat things that I saw this week at school and at home!
This was a brown coffee filter with hot glue applied for detail.  Then painted with watercolor.  I got the idea from this post.  I shared the idea with a teacher, and she added the poem.  Love them!

South Carolina loves her Palmetto Trees!  Third-graders painted these in art.

Look at this cute wreath made of hand prints!

How many ways can we praise our students and co-workers?  I love this poster and have already made one!  You can find it here!
If you need a quick treat that is yummy, try Boogity.  Beantown Baker has the recipe! Love my new pumpkin dish , too.

And finally, I like what I see when I come in the back door after a long day at school!


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